Digestion Tea Bags

digestion tea bags
Digestion tea bags in large tin

Digestion Tea Bags

  • Taste profile: Earthy and herbal
  • Great for digestion
  • Assists with circulation
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Origin: Australia


  • Clivers
  • Fennel
  • Hawthorn
  • Rosehips
  • Vervain
  • Celery Seed
  • Black Pepper
  • Quantity: 1 tea bag per cup of water
  • Water Temperature: 100° water
  • Time: 3-4 minutes
  • Options: Sip black or with a dash of milk.  Can be served cooled over ice.   

Serve in a glass teacup from Tea by Birdy for a luxury tea experience.

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  1. Clivers: Traditionally used for its diuretic properties and as a natural remedy for skin conditions.
  2. Fennel: Known for its digestive benefits, it may help alleviate bloating, indigestion, and gas. It's also rich in antioxidants and may have anti-inflammatory properties.
  3. Hawthorn: Often used for heart health, it may help lower blood pressure, improve blood flow, and support cardiovascular function.
  4. Rosehips: A great source of vitamin C, they may boost the immune system, promote skin health, and reduce inflammation.
  5. Vervain: Historically used for its calming and soothing properties, it may help with stress and anxiety.
  6. Celery Seed: May have diuretic properties and is sometimes used to support joint health and reduce inflammation.
  7. Black Pepper: Contains piperine, which can enhance the absorption of other nutrients in the body. It may also have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Happy Tummy Tango: Organic Digestion Tea Bags

Organic Digestion Tea Bags will be your tummy's new best friend! Packed with a delightful dance of Clivers, Fennel, Hawthorn, Rosehips, Vervain, Celery Seed, and a hint of zesty Black Pepper, these biodegradable pyramid tea bags are here to make digestion a breeze. They are also designed to aid circulation so it's a double bonus!

Sip the goodness and let these organic wonders work their magic. Get your blood flowing, beat the bloat, and and say goodbye to indigestion blues! It's a mini spa day for your stomach in every pyramid-shaped package.