Father's Day Edition Tea

Fathers Day mini cubes of tea
Fathers Day Tea - yellow sticker
Fathers day tea - old fashioned sticker
Breakfast blend tea
whiskey caramel fathers day tea

Father's Day Edition Tea

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Celebrate Father's Day with Tea by Birdy: Mini Tea Cubes for Dad

This Father's Day, brew up some love for your old man with a special gift from Tea by Birdy! Our 20g mini cubes are pure delight, each wrapped with a special Father's Day-inspired sticker.  Perfect for popping in a hamper, adding to a gift basket or a nice surprise in the morning with his morning breakfast.

Why Choose Tea by Birdy Mini Cubes for Father's Day?

Scrumptious Tea Selection

  • Breakfast Blend Tea: Kickstart Dad's day with our delicious breakfast blend, perfect for a morning boost.
  • Whiskey Caramel Tea: For a touch of indulgence, our Whiskey Caramel Tea offers a rich, flavourful experience.
  • Tea-rrific Alternatives: If Dad isn't into black tea, we have a fantastic range of other teas to choose from, ensuring he can sip with a smile.  Just send us your request at hello@teabybirdy.com

Perfect for Gifting

  • Adorable Mini Cubes: These 20g cubes are perfect for adding a touch of charm to a gift basket or as a standalone token of appreciation.
  • Special Father's Day Sticker: Each cube is wrapped with a unique Father's Day-inspired sticker, making it a heartfelt gift.

Who Will Love This Father's Day Tea Gift?

Tea Enthusiast Dads

Perfect for fathers who enjoy a good cup of tea, with options to suit his taste.

Thoughtful Gift Givers

Ideal for those looking to give a unique and personalized Father's Day gift.

Celebrate with a Cup Full of Appreciation

Show your dad how much he means to you with Tea by Birdy's mini tea cubes. Whether he's starting his day with a robust breakfast blend or winding down with a soothing Whiskey Caramel Tea, he'll appreciate the thought and care behind this special gift.

Order Now and Make This Father's Day Special

Elevate your Father's Day gift with Tea by Birdy's mini tea cubes. Order now and let Dad enjoy the delicious flavours and heartfelt packaging that show your appreciation. Perfect for any dad, this gift is sure to bring a smile to his face!

Key Features:

  • 20g Mini Tea Cubes: Compact and delightful, perfect for gifting.
  • Special Father's Day Sticker: Unique and thoughtful packaging for the special day.
  • Variety of Flavors: Breakfast Blend and Whiskey Caramel Tea, plus other tea options to suit every dad's preference.