Valentine’s Day Tea

valentines day tea
Valentines day tea - loose leaf
valentines tea in a test tube
Valentines tea - image with the mini cubes and test tube

Valentine’s Day Tea

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 Tea for Valentine’s Day

Limited edition

Black tea blended with strawberries, chocolate and sensuous rose.  The result is a smooth, sweet and chocolaty blend that is perfect for Valentine’s Day.  Add to a gift box, give as a small gift or have some ready for the special day.  The only problem is it takes so good you will want to drink it everyday!

The mini cubes hold 20g.  Makes around 12 cups

The large test tubes hold 25g.  Makes about 16 cups of tea.

Brew: 1 tsp per cup.  Add boiling water for 3-5 minutes.

Ingredients: Black tea, strawberry chunks, cocoa shells, blackberry leaves, red rose petals, flavour.


Origin: Various