Flavoured Tea - Spice Up Your Tea Life

    Sip on a delicious concoction of tea flavoured by fruits, herbs, and flowers and natural flavours. The possibilities are endless.

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    French Earl Grey loose leaf black tea
    French Earl Grey - Black Tea
    from $11.00
    Everyday Green Tea loose leaf
    Everyday Green Tea
    from $10.00
    Assam Vanilla loose leaf black tea
    Assam Vanilla Black Tea
    from $11.00
    Classic Earl Grey Crème loose leaf black tea
    Earl Grey Creme Tea
    from $11.00
    arctic fire black tea loose leaf by Tea by Birdy
    Arctic Fire Black Tea
    from $11.00
    Queen of berries iced tea
    Queen of Berries Ice Tea
    from $13.00
    Creme Caramel loose leaf black tea
    Crème Caramel Black Tea
    from $11.00
    Pink lemonade iced tea
    Pink Lemonade Ice Tea
    from $11.00 Regular price $13.00 Save $2
    Jasmine Bai Mao Huo Green Tea - teabybirdy
    Jasmine Green Tea
    from $11.00
    Pina Colada ice tea fruit infusion
    Pina Colada Ice Tea
    from $12.00
    Citrus Burst ice tea fruit infusion
    Citrus Burst Fruit Iced Tea
    from $6.00 Regular price $13.00 Save $7
    Ceylon Orange Blossom loose leaf black tea with orange pieces
    Ceylon Orange Blossom Black Tea
    from $11.00
    Mango Mint ice tea fruit infusion
    Mango Mint Fruit Iced Tea
    from $13.00
    Strawberries & Cream Ice tea herbal infusion
    Strawberries & Cream Ice Tea
    from $13.00
    Chocolate flavoured loose leaf black tea
    Chocolate Tea
    from $11.00
    Earl grey organic loose leaf tea
    Earl Grey - Organic
    from $9.00
    Black Cherry Surprise loose leaf tea
    Black Cherry Surprise - Black Tea
    from $11.00
    Champagne strawberry loose leaf tea
    Champagne Strawberry Black Tea
    from $12.00