Wholesale Tea For Businesses

Glass cup with tea on a tableTea by Birdy supply quality cafes and restaurants with fine teas and elegant tea ware.  We understand how busy you are and take the stress out of tea service. Whether you’re looking for an entire tea selection or just a specialty tea menu to compliment your existing supplier, we can help. 


Tea by Birdy sells pre-packaged tea to a variety of retail outlets.  We can choose the tea which targets your customers and deliver it in gorgeous packaging your customers will love.  Read more about stocking Tea by Birdy in retail stores here.


Treat your guests to a decent cup of tea during their stay.  We can help you select teas which will make their stay just that little bit more enjoyable.  See more here.


There are many businesses who may choose to serve up some 'Tea by Birdy' tea.  Here are some suggestions below.  If you are a business, we look forward to hearing about all of your 'tea' needs.

- Hairdressers

- Play centres

- Candle makers

- Tea businesses

- Wellness Centres

We respect your investment.

Tea by Birdy will turn your investment in our brand into increased sales by providing a standard and quality to your tea service.   Happy to work with you on new custom blends or co-branded marketing opportunities. Most of all we bring a sense of ‘wow’ to tea that will keep your customers returning to enjoy our unique teas served consistently, perfectly and stylishly.

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Welcome to Tea By Birdy. Customer service is our top priority so please send us a message. We can provide additional information about specific teas, listen to your suggestions or support our wholesale customers.