Ice Tea: The Coolest Way to Stay Hydrated

    Ice tea is the world's most versatile and refreshing beverage.  A fruity flavour explosion to keep you hydrated, and with no added sugar, it's much healthier than fruit juice. Make a big batch and you'll be the life of the party!
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    Blue lagoon iced tea - loose leaf
    Blue Lagoon Iced Tea
    from $10.00
    Citrus Burst ice tea fruit infusion
    Citrus Burst Fruit Iced Tea
    from $6.00 Regular price $13.00 Save $7
    Iced tea collection gift box with 8 different iced teas
    Iced Tea Collection Box
    Mango Mint ice tea fruit infusion
    Mango Mint Fruit Iced Tea
    from $13.00
    Pina Colada ice tea fruit infusion
    Pina Colada Ice Tea
    from $12.00
    Pink lemonade iced tea
    Pink Lemonade Ice Tea
    from $11.00
    Queen of berries iced tea
    Queen of Berries Ice Tea
    from $13.00
    Strawberries & Cream Ice tea herbal infusion
    Strawberries & Cream Ice Tea
    from $13.00