Easter Tea Collection

Easter collection of 8 Chocolate flavoured teas
Easter Tea Collection
Easter Tea Collection

Easter Tea Collection

  • Guilt-Free Indulgence: Naturally sweet, no need for added sugar.
  • Sleek black magnetic gift box
  • A variety of rich and satisfying chocolate flavours.
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Origin: Various

Ingredients: Black tea with various flavourings and cacao husks. Refer to each individual tea for list of ingredients.

Brew: 1 teaspoon per cup for 3-5mins in 100° water.  Teas will take a dash of milk.  Add hot frothy milk to the Choc Chilli Chai.

Suggestions:  Want more Easter treats?  Try the Easter Tea Bucket of Chocolate Easter Blooms

BLACK TEA (Camellia sinensis): Black tea has a higher caffeine content than green, white or oolong tea and therefore is great to kickstart your mornings.  Black tea is high in antioxidants and so will help fight those free radicals in your body which cause disease and cancer.  Black tea can protect against coronary heart disease as well as lowering the incidences of stroke.  It may also reduce blood pressure and build bone density, protecting against arthritis.

 Discover the Perfect Easter Tea Collection Gift Box

Looking for the perfect Easter gift for your tea-loving, chocolate-craving friend or family member? Look no further than our delightful collection of eight Easter-themed teas, packaged in a sleek black magnetic gift box complete with a stylish bow tie.

Why Choose Our Easter Tea Collection Gift Box?

Guilt-Free Indulgence

  • Chocolate Inspired Teas: This collection offers a rich and satisfying chocolate experience without the need for added sugar. Each tea is naturally sweet, making it a guilt-free indulgence.
  • Creamy Perfection: For an even richer and creamier taste, simply add a dash of milk to your cup.

Thoughtful and Unique Gift

  • Perfect Easter Gift: Surprise someone special with a unique Easter gift that they’ll truly enjoy. This tea collection is ideal for sharing with friends and family, making it a perfect addition to any Easter celebration.
  • Elegant Presentation: Housed in a sleek black magnetic gift box with a stylish bow tie, this tea collection is ready for gifting.

Who Will Love This Easter Tea Collection?

Tea Lovers

Perfect for those who appreciate a high-quality tea and are looking for a unique and delicious Easter-themed gift.

Chocolate Enthusiasts

Ideal for individuals who love chocolate but want a healthier, guilt-free alternative that still satisfies their sweet tooth.

Gift Givers

Great for anyone looking to give a thoughtful and unique Easter gift that stands out from the usual chocolate eggs and candies.

Enjoy the Unique Flavors of Our Easter Tea Collection

You will receive 8 teas selected at random from the following delightful choices:

  • Choc Cherry Ripe: This black tea has a rich chocolate flavour with a hint of cherry and coconut, reminiscent of the popular Cherry Ripe candy bar.
  • Choc Strawberries and Cream: A smooth chocolate taste with a fruity twist of strawberry chunks and a creamy finish.
  • Choc Chilli Chai: A black tea with a spicy kick from chili, pairing well with rich chocolate and traditional chai spices.
  • Choc Orange Jaffa: Blended with zesty orange peel and cacao shells, this tea is like a Jaffa in a cup.
  • Choc Caramel Creme: A decadent blend of chocolate and caramel flavours with creamy caramel chunks.

Order Now and Experience the Difference

Elevate your Easter celebration with our Easter Tea Collection Gift Box. Order now and indulge in the rich, chocolatey flavours and elegant presentation of this unique tea collection. Perfect for any tea lover, this gift box is sure to become a favourite Easter tradition!

 *Substitutions and requests are welcome.  Just send us a message at hello@teabybirdy.com