French Earl Grey - Black Tea

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French Earl Grey - Black Tea

  • Taste profile: The body and strength of black tea with citrus and floral notes
  • Black tea blended with rose petals, hibiscus & pink cornflower
  • Premium quality tea
  • Enjoy black or with a splash of milk
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Origin: Sri Lanka


  • Quantity: 1 heaped teaspoon per cup of water
  • Water Temperature: 100° water
  • Time: 3-4 minutes
  • Options: Sip black or with a dash of milk. 

Serve in a glass teacup from Tea by BIrdy for the luxury tea experience.

  1. Antioxidants: Rich in catechins and polyphenols, black tea fights oxidative stress and reduces disease risk.
  2. Heart Health: Lowers blood pressure, cholesterol, and improves blood vessels, reducing heart disease risk.
  3. Cognitive Boost: Caffeine and L-theanine enhance mental alertness and focus.
  4. Digestive Aid: Supports digestion and may ease diarrhea.
  5. Oral Health: Natural fluoride strengthens teeth and combats decay.
  6. Weight Management: Boosts metabolism and may help with appetite control.
  7. Immune Support: Antioxidants bolster the immune system.
  8. Energy: Provides moderate energy without excessive stimulation.
  9. Stress Reduction: L-theanine promotes relaxation.
  10. Anticancer Potential: Polyphenols may inhibit cancer cell growth.
  11. Skin Health: Protects against UV damage and aging.
  12. Diabetes Management: Improves insulin sensitivity, reducing type 2 diabetes risk.

Remember to consume black tea in moderation and as part of a balanced diet for maximum benefits. Consult a healthcare professional for personalized advice.

French Earl Grey Tea: A Sophisticated Sip of Floral Elegance

If you want to feel like a true lady, then this tea is the one for you! It's fruity, floral and oh-so-fragrant! French Earl Grey tea offers a delicate symphony of flavours in every cup. This exceptional blend combines the lightness of traditional black tea with the enchanting aromas of bergamot oil, lemon, and rose, crafting an experience akin to a graceful garden party in your teacup. The hibiscus and pink cornflowers take this French Earl Grey to the next level! Elegant and refined, this tea soothes your senses and lifts your spirit.

Why You'll Love French Earl Grey Tea:

Light Black Tea Base: A smooth, subtle foundation that tea connoisseurs adore.

Bergamot Oil Infusion: Adds a sophisticated citrusy note, perfect for an uplifting tea experience.

Lemon and Rose Flavors: Introduces a delicate floral and citrus balance that harmonizes beautifully with the black tea.

Elegant Botanicals: Hibiscus and pink cornflower petals add a visual and aromatic charm, creating a feeling of luxury in every cup.

The Beauty of French Elegance:

What sets French Earl Grey apart is its sophisticated blend of flavours. The bergamot oil provides a refined citrus touch, while the lemon and rose offer a gentle floral and citrus sweetness, creating a perfect balance of light and aromatic, elegant and delightful—a truly graceful experience in a teacup.

Perfect For:

Everyday Elegance: Enjoying a touch of sophistication in your daily tea ritual.

Tea Aficionados: Those who appreciate refined and unique tea blends will find this tea irresistible.

Special Occasions: The beautiful appearance and exquisite taste make it perfect for entertaining guests or savouring a luxurious moment alone.

Experience the graceful blend of French Earl Grey tea today. This tea not only delights the senses but also offers a moment of elegance, making each cup feel like a special occasion. So lift up those pinky fingers and enjoy this French Earl Grey in style.

100g = 50+ cups of tea