Glass Teacup and Saucer - 150ml

Glass tea cup and saucer.  Mini size 150ml

Glass Teacup and Saucer - 150ml

  • Delicate but strong
  • Perfect for high teas and events
  • Glass teacup and matching saucer
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Sip Smarter: The Power of Small Glass Teacups in Maximising Your Tea Experience

A delicate yet sturdy glass teacup and saucer that's perfect for enjoying a high-quality brew. With a modest capacity of 150ml, this glass teacup boasts a small size that's both charming and practical. Its unique design helps to retain the heat of your tea or hot beverage, ensuring maximum enjoyment. It even has a cute little gold embossed Tea by Birdy symbol on its base.  Whether you're at home or hosting a fancy tea party, the quality of this glass teacup and saucer is sure to impress. So, raise a cup and drink like royalty with these stunning teacup and saucer sets.

The more you buy the cheaper they get.  Want to buy in bulk?  Ask us for a great discount.

Reasons to drink tea from a smaller teacup

  • Drinking tea should be an experience, not race. A smaller teacup forces you to sip slowly and savour each and every drop. No more chugging your tea.

  • Want to really taste the nuances of your tea? A smaller cup will help you focus on the subtle flavours and aromas that make each tea unique.

  • Sharing is caring, especially when it comes to tea. With a smaller cup, you can serve more people from one pot, meaning everyone gets to enjoy the goodness. That's just good tea-man ship!

  • More infusions, more fun! With a smaller cup, you'll be able to get more infusions per pot, which means more teatime for you. 

  • And let's be real, tiny cups are just adorable. They give an illusion of delicacy and refinement, which is perfect for when you're feeling fancy or want to impress your guests.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a smaller teacup and start savouring that brew!