Glass Teapot - 800ml with Mesh Strainer

800 ml glass teapot with strainer
800ml teapot with mesh strainer on kitchen bench
benefits of using a glass teapot with mesh strainer
glass teapot with strainer 800ml dimensions

Glass Teapot - 800ml with Mesh Strainer

  • Made from borosilicate glass - Strong and heatproof
  • Perfect for tea for 2-3
  • Mesh strainer for loose leaf tea
  • Easy to clean
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Pair with a glass tea cup, and a cup of oolong tea.

Experience Modern Style and Functionality with Our 800ml Heat-Resistant Glass Teapot with Infuser

Get ready to steep your way into tea heaven with this 800ml clear glass infuser teapot.  This sleek and contemporary teapot is perfect for loose leaf aficionados who love to brew their own blends at home.

Crafted from borosilicate glass (fancy way of saying super heat resistant), this teapot's tapered bell shape creates a smooth convection current that ensures an even temperature throughout the water. And when your brew has reached its desired intensity, the angled spout ensures that the strongest flavour is poured first, allowing the weaker part of your tea more time to brew for a smoother, more consistent taste.

Add to this a stainless steel infusion chamber, large enough to allow the tealeaves to open up and infuse, but fine enough to keep them safely in the infuser and not in your cup of tea.

This 800ml glass teapot is not only practical, it's also a showstopper. It's always stealing the spotlight and leaving your guests in awe. So, whether you're sipping solo or hosting a tea party, the 800ml glass infuser teapot is sure to be the star of the show. 

Features and Benefits of Using a Glass Teapot:

Made from Borosilicate Glass The glass loose leaf teapot with strainer is made from Borosilicate Glass, a combination of silica and boron trioxide, making it tougher than nails! It is incredibly heat-resistant, shatter-resistant, and less likely to crack or break than traditional glass.  

Transparent Design - Don't just drink tea, make it a show! With this glass teapot you can witness the infusion process firsthand.  Watch your tea change colour in front of your eyes.  Wait for the perfect intensity then pour! If brewing flowering tea, make sure you remove the mesh strainer first.

SafetyTired of worrying about what chemicals are lurking in your teapot?  Glass teapots are 99.99% chemical-free, making them the perfect vessel for brewing your favourite teas. No more heavy metals from iron or aluminium pots to ruin your tea. Plus, with no pesky chemical reactions to worry about, your tea will taste as good as it looks in this gorgeous teapot. 

Ease of cleaning - The slippery and smooth nature of glass teapots means that particles don't become easily stuck.   So just a wipe over with a little water and detergent and you're done.  Cleaning up afterwards is a breeze with this glass teapot!