Tea Tin - Large

Large tea tin 500g for loose leaf tea
Large yellow and gold embossed tea tin

Tea Tin - Large

  • Perfect tea storage solution
  • Stackable tins
  • Large tin to hold around 500g of black tea
  • Stunning gold embossed tin. Looks great in any kitchen or cafe
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Upgrade Your Tea Storage with Our Large Gold Embossed Luxury Tea Tin

Tea by Birdy's luxury, gold embossed tea tin is the ultimate solution for all your loose-leaf tea storage needs. It's both functional and fabulous! With enough room to hold up to 500g of black tea or 250g of herbal tea, this tin is perfect for serious tea aficionados or just your average tea fiend.

The easy-access flip top lid means you won't have to struggle with finicky packaging anymore, and the stackable design means you can hoard as much tea as your heart desires without taking up too much space.  It is important to store your tea properly as light and UV rays degrade tea very quickly. The tea leaves will dry out and lose flavour.  Whilst air exposure allows the leaves to absorb moisture and unwanted odours.

So, whether you're a cafe owner looking for a stylish storage solution or just a tea-loving individual who wants to keep their stash in order, our tea tin has got you covered.

Size: H: 17cm W: 14cm D: 10cm

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