Lemongrass Twist Herbal Tea Blend - Organic

Organic Lemongrass Twist herbal loose leaf tea
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Lemongrass twist loose leaf tea - large tea tin
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Lemongrass Twist Herbal Tea Blend - Organic

  • Taste profile: lemony with a ginger kick. Sweetness from the orange
  • Certified organic ingredients
  • Caffeine free
  • An easy drinking tea loaded with health benefits
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Origin: Various


  • Organically certified lemongrass
  • ginger
  • Basil
  • Orange peel
  • Rose petals.
  • Quantity: 1 heaped teaspoon per cup of water
  • Water Temperature: 100° water
  • Time: 8-10 minutes

Serve in a glass teacup from Tea by BIrdy for the luxury tea experience.

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  • LEMONGRASS (Cymbopogon citratus):  Can cleanse and detoxify the body, lowers cholesterol and creates a healthy environment for the stomach by eliminating bad bacteria in the gut.  Lemongrass is full of antioxidants, helps with healthy skin by drying up excess oil, improves mood, treats colds and helps prevent infections with its antibacterial and anti-microbial properties.
  • GINGER (Zingiber officinale):  Ginger contains gingerol, which has powerful medicinal properties.  It helps relieve gas and bloating, nausea and lower blood sugar levels. Ginger contains antioxidants which can manage free radicals and help protect our cells. It is known to boost bone health providing relief from arthritis and osteoporosis. 
  • ROSE PETALS (Rosa):  Rose petals are packed with antioxidants as well as Vitamin A and E which is great for the skin.  They can relieve menstrual pain (when used for a minimum of 3 months), remove toxins from the body and support digestive health.  Rose petals also calm the nerves to help those suffering from insomnia, fatigue, depression and anxiety.
  • Basil (Ocimum basilicum): contains magnesium with allows muscles and blood vessels to relax - improving blood flow.
  • ORANGE PEEL (citrus sinensis): is rich in vitamin C and A, making it great a natural antioxidant that boosts your immunity, supports a healthy heart, reduces allergies, and assists with weight management and skin problems.

Lemongrass Twist Herbal Tea: Refreshment with a Punch

Looking for a tasty, organic tea which is full of goodness with a kick of flavour? Lemongrass Twist is a caffeine free herbal tea that's as refreshing as a dip in a pool on a hot day.

But it's not just about the flavour - this tea packs a punch of health benefits too! The lemongrass will detoxify your body, the ginger will soothe any tummy troubles, the rose petals will calm your nerves, the basil will get your blood pumping, and the orange peel will give your immune system a boost. And the best part? It's organic and free of any sneaky nasties.

So, whether you're a morning person, afternoon tea sipper, or evening relaxer, our Lemongrass Twist Herbal Tea is the perfect choice for you. It's a taste that will never get old!