Oriental Beauty - Organic Oolong Tea

Oriental beauty organic oolong loose leaf tea
oriental beauty loose leaf tea
organic oolong in tin in giftbox
Oriental beauty organic oolong - loose leaf tea - large tea tin
Oriental beauty oolong tea - organic loose leaf - large tea tin

Oriental Beauty - Organic Oolong Tea

  • Taste profile: Oolong tea: floral, creamy, nutty
  • Organic
  • Anti-ageing properties
  • Leaves can be re-steeped 4-5 times
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INGREDIENTS: Organic oolong tea (Camellia sinensis)

  • Quantity: 1 heaped teaspoon per cup of water
  • Water Temperature: 90° water
  • Time: 2-3 minutes
  • Options: Re-infuse leaves 4-5 times

Serve in a glass teacup from Tea by BIrdy for the luxury tea experience.

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  • Antioxidants: Oolong tea contains antioxidants that may combat free radicals.
  • Weight Management: It can boost metabolism and aid in weight loss.
  • Heart Health: Oolong may help reduce LDL cholesterol levels.
  • Mental Alertness: Caffeine and L-theanine promote focus and alertness.
  • Skin Health: Antioxidants contribute to healthier skin.
  • Dental Health: Polyphenols may reduce plaque and improve oral health.
  • Digestive Aid: It can assist in digestion and prevent bloating.
  • Diabetes Management: May help regulate blood sugar levels.
  • Bone Health: Oolong may improve bone density.
  • Stress Reduction: L-theanine induces relaxation without drowsiness.

Get Brew-tifully Healthy with Oriental Beauty: The Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong Tea

Looking for an organic brew that's not only delicious but also packs a punch in the health department? Look no further than Oriental Beauty (Tie Guan Yin) oolong tea, aka 'the iron goddess of mercy'. This special semi-oxidized oolong tea is hand-picked in the spring and goes through a unique processing regime. Its aromatic and unique taste will have you dancing to your teapot each morning to enjoy its health benefits.

Health Benefits Galore

  • Fountain of Youth: Packed with anti-aging properties and a wealth of antioxidants, this tea is like a sip from the fountain of youth.
  • Brain Booster: Acts like a personal trainer for your brain, improving memory and cognitive function.
  • Weight and Blood Sugar Buddy: Helps you keep an eye on your weight and blood sugar levels naturally.
  • Perfect Anytime: Enjoy this delightful tea any time of day, especially as a great after-dinner drink.

Who Will Love Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea?

Health-Conscious Individuals

Perfect for those seeking a delicious and healthy beverage to boost their overall wellness.

Tea Aficionados

Ideal for anyone who appreciates the exquisite flavours and unique processing of high-quality oolong tea.

Daily Sippers

Great for those who love a flavourful tea that can be enjoyed any time of the day, from morning to night.

Enjoy the Benefits of Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea

Sip on the elegance of Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea and let its health benefits enchant you. This luxurious tea is sure to become a staple in your daily routine, providing a delightful and healthy beverage option.

Order now and indulge in the exquisite flavours and numerous health benefits of this specially crafted blend. 

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