Tea Tin - Small

tea tin small - white and gold embossed metal tin
tea tin small 100g

Tea Tin - Small

  • Store your tea in style
  • Holds approximately 100g of black tea
  • Stunning gold embossed design
  • Will look good on any kitchen bench
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Small Tea Tin: The Dazzling Diva of Tea Storage

This dazzling tea tin is the gold standard of tea storage, with enough space to stash around 100g of your favourite black tea leaves. The gold embossed design is so eye-catching, you'll want to display it front and centre in your kitchen.

Thanks to its handy screw-top lid, this tin will keep your tea fresh and flavourful by protecting it from light, air and potential odours.   Light and UV rays degrade tea very quickly. The tea leaves will dry out and lose flavour.  Whilst air exposure allows the leaves to absorb moisture and unwanted odours.

So go ahead and treat your tea leaves to the VIP treatment they deserve. They'll thank you with a steaming hot cup of delicious fresh tea.

Size: H: 9.5cm W: 8.5cm D: 8.5cm\

*The tin can be labelled with some of the more common tea types on request.

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